Booster Club

The boys’ lacrosse team is funded by the Campbell High School Boys’ Lacrosse Booster
Club, which pays for nearly all aspects of the program, except for
transportation to games and the stipend of the school coaches. The Booster Club limits its
dues to enable as many boys as possible to play and strives to provide equipment to all
players. Lacrosse dues do not cover the full cost of community coaches, equipment, player
packs (practice shorts/shirt/sweatshirt) and team meals on game days. To support the team
and help it develop, the Booster Club seeks donations, grants and sponsorships.

2023-2024 Board Members

President - Emilie Cousineau

Vice President - Greta Herbert

Treasurer - Kate Wiley

Treasurer Elect - Chris Startt

Secretary - Jennifer Tulloch

The team needs many parents involved to make it successful!  If you are interested in volunteering to help with pre-game meals, getting local businesses as sponsors,  organizing community service activities, planning events or anything else -  please send an email to!